Who are Ying&Yang Saloon?

We are two modders, Chameleon (Yang) and Floraya (Ying).

What kind of mods do you do?

We do:
- Hair
- Clothing
- Accessories
- Shoes

Do you make your own mods?

No, we do only ports!

Do you have permissions and licences from your mods?

Yes we pay for licenses for our mods and also get permission from the creator (eg, Sims hair)

Do you also port things from other modders?

No, we don't do that any more, because we want to avoid any trouble. If you want ports to other races or repair things then please also write to the modders who have made the desired mod!

Do I get my money back with Patreon?

No, because as soon as someone has selected a Patreon level with us, they also have access to the mods. So think twice about whether you want to become our Patreon or not.

What if I have made a wrong purchase at Ko-fi?

Then just write to us and you can choose another mod at the same price.

What do I do if a mod does not work or there are errors?

Take pictures of the bugs and send them to our request channel and we will take care of it as soon as possible

Can I make private edits?

Please read the terms of use for this!

Which games do you offer mods for?

we have Shinny Nikki, Life make over, New Sea (permission is available), Fatal Frame/project Zero series, and assests of 3D sites with license

Do you rip the games yourselves?

Yes Chameleon has started ripping from the games.




- Private edits are allowed of our paymods.
- In the case of changes of our public mods, a mention of us and the original link to the original mod.
- No resale of our mods.
- Do not share any of our pay mods.